Kip 870 to be exact. This architectural printer is a beast. She prints in high resolution color as well as black and white on tinted bond, vellum, plain white, you name it. 
In a rush? No sweat! This beast prints 10 pages per minute - with that speed we’ll have your job waiting for you faster than you can say “Gila Monster Printing!”


Need your plans scanned? We’ve got you covered - with her 600 x 2400 dpi blueprint scanner attached we can scan your jobs in at high resolution and print them for you with ease!



HP Design Jet Z6


This girl is one of our favorites. Stocks range from archival paper to various canvas types and anything in between - with the capability to make prints as large as 42” wide by 150’ long – she is our go-to for art prints.  Being an aqueous printer, she has a wide color gamut that produces beautifully colored prints, reproductions, and sharp black and white drawings.



Ricoh C7110X


Our Ricoh has a broad range of capabilities including stunning 5th color media options.

“What is 5th color and what does that mean?” You may ask? It means we have the ability to print light colors on dark media, white toner on black paper,

as well as neon yellow and neon pink!


With a printing speed of up to 90 pages per minute we can handle your large restaurant menu runs, EDDM campaign + holiday cards with variable data printing, digital art prints, and more! If you thought it couldn’t get any better- Ricoh also allows us to print coated stock, uncoated stock, vinyl, synthetic, and the list goes on!